Human Resource Management-
The Management of Your Most Important Asset

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Like all valuable assets, they must be properly managed to utilize their full value. Unfortunately, they can also be a liability. Now, more than ever, every business faces the daunting task of making sure they are in compliance with all the federal and state regulations governing employer/employee relationships. You know that maintaining all aspects of this important asset, and liability, is vital to the long-term success of every business.

From simple or sophisticated HRIS  to quality HR consulting from qualified professionals,  Time & Pay will provide you with the tools you need to handle both these areas of Human Resource Management. We’ll help you manage both the assets and liabilities.

What can Time & Pay offer you in the area of Human Resource support/Human Capital Management?

Manage Your Employee Assets!

To manage the asset of your employees, Time & Pay uses an integrated human resource and payroll system designed to be the most flexible in the market. Our payroll and HR system provides all the functionality of the most expensive in-house human resource and payroll systems giving the user most everything they need to manage HR internally, while still producing an outsourced payroll solution. We provide all this very cost effectively!

Our systems will enable you to record vital employee information required for human resource management along with extensive payroll documentation. To learn more, read about our Millennium payroll and HR system.

If you need more sophisticated HRIS, Time & Pay offers a fully integrated system that offer advanced features such as employee benefit enrollment and applicant tracking.  To learn more, read about our very cost effective  Human Resource systems.

Manage Your Employee Liabilities!

If you have 1 to 14 employees, there are literally 15 Federal Labor Laws and Acts that you must be in compliance with. The more employees you have, the more laws regarding your personnel and company relationship there are. Failure to be compliant with all these regulations can be very costly. To help our clients understand their compliance issues, Time & Pay has formed a professional partnership with SESCO Management Consultants, one of the leading human resource consulting firms in the Southeast. This professional partnership allows Time & Pay clients to conatct  SESCO for HR consultations at no cost as part of the services we provide. These services include free telephony, email and research consulting as well as review and assessment of employee handbooks/policy manuals, assistance in compensation matters and support in employment forms, federal and state posters and other HR management issues. Read more about Human Resource Services to learn more about your potential liabilities and the value of SESCO‘s services.

Do you need to do Criminal Background Checks on your new hires or current employees. Go here to learn more about this service 

Do you need help with E-Verify. Go here and look for the I-9/E-Verify link to learn more.

Need up-to-date Labor Law Posters to make sure your business is  compliant. See more about our ComplyRight™ poster services.

Unlike other payroll services, we at Time & Pay understand that we cannot be experts in all areas. We don’t know any one who can be. Rather than provide you with mediocre services in all areas, our goal is to provide you with the best services available in as many areas as we can. At Time &  Pay, we know payroll!  SESCO knows HR and all its related issues! NCS knows Criminal Background Checks. Our professional partnerships with SESCO and NCS are just some examples of how we will always try to provide our customers with the best tools at the best value to better manage your payroll, your employees and your business!

Don’t let human resource issues keep you from successfully running your business. To learn more, Contact Us or call 423-854-9042 today!

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