Human Resource Management Requirements and Your Business

Hiring employees is becoming even more burdensome with extensive HR requirements. As you can see, we offer many systems and services to make sure you keep up with the ever expanding HR requirements and avoid costly mistakes and fines.

Time & Pay has also joined forces with  SESCO Management Consultants have  to offer our clients the Human Resource Services you need to manage your employees your business. With years of experience, SESCO can offer our clients, at no charge or at a discounted rate, compliance review services that can uncover areas of your business that may be serious violations.

Here are some examples of areas of concern that may need to be reviewed in your business, areas that Time & Pay’s full complement of services can help you manage:

  • Hiring Practices – Real employer liability starts with the first ad and the first application for employment that is given to an applicant. Reviewing this area can look at the policies, flow, documentation and effectiveness of the current practices related to attracting new employees in your operation.
  • Sexual Harassment – Workplace Harassment has become one of the most widely publicized issues in the workplace today. Liability can result from supervisors that are poorly trained. Review of your practices will provide supervisor material for this topic.
  • Termination Practices – Knowing how to accomplish this activity is key to reducing unemployment rates. Reviewing this area will check the documents you use and assesses the need for Supervisor Training.
  • FLSA – The Fair Labor Standards Act is a core compliance issue which includes record keeping, overtime calculation, and exempt status of employees.  Reviewing your records will assure understanding and compliance.
  • Employee Handbook – Often employers avoid putting anything in writing. If a handbook exists, SESCO can facilitate a full update for full compliance. If a handbook does not exist, SESCO will facilitate the development of one.
  • HIPAA – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulates many privacy issues but Enrollment Rights are an even bigger issue potentially than privacy.  This review focuses on the HIPAA forms needed for group health plans.
  • Section 125 – One of the most valuable and most misunderstood benefits offered by employers today.  Non-compliance can be very costly with FLEX Plans. Reviewing this area looks at and can identify key problem areas. Conversely, accurate payroll management of 125 plans will save your business tax dollars.
  • Record Retention – Most of the regulations have specific guidelines on retention.  Some are even guided by the benefit industry.  Reviewing this area will cover the retention issues for each specific employer.
  • EEOC – Discrimination comes in many subtle ways and can creep into an HR system without a claim. Be ready by following the results of an EEOC Review.
  • INS – I9 Compliance – This “simple” form is the subject of a more than 30 page “Handbook for Employers” produced by the U. S Department of Justice.  Most employers are missing some of the steps for full compliance with I-9’s.
  • FMLA – The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) defines who must offer leave to which employees for how long  to include how much pay. Reviewing this area will focus on complete compliance in policies and practice related to FMLA.
  • COBRA – The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act requires that many employees be given the opportunity to extend health coverage’s beyond their date of termination of employment.  Reviewing this area covers the practical and regulatory aspects of COBRA.
  • Affordable Care Act – There a numerous actions employers must take to make sure that they meet all the reporting requirements associated with the ACA. Working with Time & Pay, we can provide you with the tools and the reports you need to ensure compliance.
  • Labor Posters – Working with ComplyRight™, Time & Pay can provide your business with the labor law posters you need to avoid compliance issues.

Based on the experience of our customers, we know our services will help you control and define your labor costs, ensure IRS compliance, and save you money, time and aggravation. Now you have even more reason to Contact us.  Learn about Time & Pay, the value our partnership with SESCO and all the other HR services we have to offer you.

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