Time & Pay’s HRIS – Integrated, Comprehensive Human Resource Management

Time & Pay has worked with with Infinity HR to offer a comprehensive  HRIS that fully integrates with our Millennium payroll system. Now you can simply and effectively manage all kinds of HR information and requirements in one technologically advanced system while at the same time granting your employees full access to and management of their data.  Our HRIS provides for:

Benefits Management

InfinityHR’s Benefits Management feature lets you manage all aspects of employee benefits.

  • Increases efficiency, accuracy, and reduces workload for you and your employees.
  • Allows your employees to enroll in and administer their benefits information in one central system.
  • Allows you to approve and manage employee benefit information online.
  • Makes it easy for you to reconcile premium bills.
  • Automatically exports benefits data to your carriers.
  • Automatically sends benefit deductions to your payroll system.

Employee Portal

InfinityHR’s Employee Portal makes it convenient for your employees to manage their benefits and other HR-related information in real time through one central web-based system that they can access from anywhere.

  • Helps employees better understand the benefit and HR processes, make well informed benefits decisions, and fully appreciate their benefits.
  • Greatly increases the accuracy of benefits and other HR-related information.
  • Lets employees easily enroll in or change all aspects of their benefits and other HR-related information, and allows them to compare, analyze and check costs prior to benefits enrollment.
  • Allows employees to view plans from different benefit providers, and provides them with a consolidated benefits summary report that includes the coverage they selected and the associated costs.
  • Is easily configurable to include the features and content most relevant to your company.

Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking lets you easily manage the talent acquisition process.

  • Helps you attract and hire the best candidates for your organization.
  • Allows you to create job postings and view all jobs in one centralized location.
  • Allows you to centralize applicant information from all external job boards into one convenient place.
  • Provides your applicants with a professional-looking site for searching and applying for jobs.
  • Lets you easily view and compare applicant profiles according to job requisition.
  • Keeps track of your interviews, and allows you to track applicant status from start to finish.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management makes it possible for you to efficiently track and manage workflows and their associated tasks.

  • Helps you standardize processes and ensure that each employee in the same position is performing the same functions.
  • Increases efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps, and assures that your employees are fully aware of their re­sponsibilities.
  • Increases accountability and consistency by making sure that every employee completes their assigned tasks on time.
  • Lets you define the necessary tasks involved in workflows, and assigns those tasks to the appropriate employees.
  • Includes a dashboard that allows you to conveniently analyze workflows.

Performance Management

Performance Management allows you to conduct employee reviews, managerial reviews and 360 degree reviews. This easy-to-configure feature allows you to quickly convert paper-based review processes into an automation rich solution that will increase employee performance and reduce administrative hassles. Lets you easily track reviews against your employees.

  • Allows you to assign measurable goals to your employees that are visible to others.
  • Lets you define learning and development objectives.
  • Allows you to easily monitor employee progress against the goals you set.
  • Enables you to easily monitor employee progress against learning and development objectives.

Wellness Tracking

Wellness Tracking allows you to easily and efficiently administer employee wellness programs.

  • Is an important tool to help improve the overall health, wellness and productivity of your employees.
  • Permits you to create programs that monitor employee nutrition, exercise, and health.
  • Lets you and your employees print reports that illustrate goals, progress and results.

Time Off Tracking

Time Off Tracking is a simple, yet powerful, mechanism you can use to define how employees earn time off and track the usage of it.

  • Improves employee efficiency by automating the time off process.
  • Allows for better tracking of time off and ensures consistency across all your employees.
  • Lets your employees easily make time off requests and view available time off balances directly from the Employee Portal.
  • Automatically routes time off requests to the appropriate manager for approval.

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance allows you and your employees to easily track employee work hours and projects.

  • Improves employee efficiency by automating the time and attendance process.
  • Ensures consistency across all employees.
  • Assures that employees follow related procedures and policies.
  • Allows for project-based reporting or “clock in / clock out” time tracking.
  • Lets you easily export time and attendance data to your external payroll system.
  • Lets you analyze time and attendance data across time or by a variety of other factors.

Employee Surveys

Survey Management makes it easy for you to conduct an unlimited number of employee surveys.

  • Lets you understand the needs and concerns of your employees, and provides you with the opportunity to increase employee loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Permits you to easily and quickly develop meaningful surveys with the Survey Wizard, your step by step guide.
  • Lets you tailor one of the many templates in the Survey Library, or design an entirely new survey.
  • Lets you run standardized Survey Reports with real time reporting to view data and analyze results.

Advanced Reporting

InfinityHR offers a library of standard reports that makes accessing and analyzing information from within the system simple and convenient for you.

  • Permits reports generated from InfinityHR to be printed or exported to a variety of common formats, including Microsoft Excel.
  • Provides configuration tools for exporting specific elements of information from the system on a scheduled basis, allowing for easy integration with other systems.


You now can manage and access all your payroll and Human Resource data in one system simplifying data entry and reducing administrative time and costs. Time & Pay’s HRIS gives you the cost effective tools you need to better manage your payroll, your employees and your business. 

“Why would you manage your HR requirements any other way?”