Managing Your Human Resource Assets

Time & Pay uses an integrated human resource and payroll system designed to be the most flexible in the market. Our payroll and Human Resource services provide all the functionality of the most expensive in-house human resource and payroll systems giving the user everything they need internally, while still producing an outsourced payroll solution. We provide all this very cost effectively!

Our integrated systems provide our customers with a complete payroll and human resource information platform enabling full on-site access to detailed employee information while still taking full advantage of an outsourced solution. Our technology gives you on time access to complete employee data, including:

  • 401k Administration
  • 401k Status Codes
  • Employee Status
  • Termination Reasons
  • Union Affiliations
  • Workers Comp Codes
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Certifications
  • Previous Employers
  • Raise Reasons
  • Review Codes
  • Skill Codes
  • EEO Class
  • Pay Grades
  • Pay Groups
  • Events
  • Skill Codes
  • Dependents
  • Education
  • Performance
  • …..And Much More!

Payroll and HR professionals note the importance of how these two areas need to always work hand in hand. Easy and simpler accessibility to essential employee data creates a better working environment for all parties involved in managing your human resource asset. Now your business can have on-time access to archived employee histories for any given year as well as all current information. A full library of packaged and custom reports affords on-site data retrieval in seconds.

Our systems seamlessly integrates human resources with payroll at no additional cost. By using one database for both, interfacing becomes obsolete and duplicate entry unnecessary. If you would like to learn more about how you can realize all the benefits of outsourcing while maintaining real-time, on-site access to detailed payroll and HR information, visit this page to learn more about our Millennium Payroll and Human Resource system.