Payroll Services By Time & Pay

Time & Pay gives you cost effective tools and services you need to better manage your payroll, your employees and your business along with the customer service you expect and deserve.

We save you money, take the work out of payroll processing and related areas and free you up to concentrate on your business success.

Our payroll services are guaranteed!

News Flash! Accurate payroll processing and the capability to generate employee/payroll related, government required reports is now even more important as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance is now mandatory. Time & Pay is ready to help you with ACA compliance.

Time & Pay’s payroll and related services play a significant role in allowing business managers to better manage your costs of:

  • Labor
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Administration
  • Employee Turnover
  • Employee Benefits

Time & Pay systems and services allow you to better manage all these aspects of your business. We’ll help you control and define your your labor costs, manage your HR responsibilities and other important parts of your business while eliminating your payroll tax compliance headaches.

At Time & Pay, we know payroll! We make it our business to keep up with all the state and federal requirements so you don’t have to, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our professional staff will make sure your business follows all payroll rules and regulations,  Guaranteed! From garnishments to new hire reporting, electronic tax filing , quarterly and year end reports and ACA requirements, we keep up with all the statutes and make sure you are in compliance.

At the same time, we’ll make sure your employees are paid accurately and on time, and provide you with important, detailed information you need to run your business.

We are not a one of those on-line, “cookie cutter” payroll service firms dictating how you are going to do business with us. We’ll provide our services any way you want… including the latest in on-line reporting systems and completely paperless payrolls….. at a value that can’t be beat.  We’ll customize our business services to your specific operating needs. We include services like new hire reporting, garnishment compliance, qualified HR consulting as a standard part of our services.

Bottom line, we  make sure you have the tools you need to better manage your payroll, your employees and your business, back it up with the customer service you deserve, all at a value that can’t be beat!

To learn more and see if our services are right for you, call us at 757-240-2766 or use our Contact Us form. 

As all of our customers say……”Time & Pay! Why would you do payroll any other way?