Are you required to meet ACA reporting requirements?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) results in a lot of questions for employers. What are your ACA requirements?  Do you need to file 109-4/95 A, B or C?  Do you need to be concerned with ACA compliance at all? The purpose of this page is to help you determine your requirements and help you decide how Time & Pay can help you comply.

Of course the big question is:  Are you an ALE?

If you think you may be an ALE and required to file year-end ACA reports to the IRS, below are questions you need to initially ask yourself to help you figure out if you have gathered enough information to meet your ACA filing requirements.

1.   Have you completed your ALE status determination by evaluating your full-time and full-time equivalent employees?

2.  Are you an Aggregated ALE, through your common ownership of multiple companies that are treated as a single employer for determining ALE status?

3.  Have you determined whether you are Playing or Paying (offering affordable health insurance coverage to your employees, or accepting assessments for failing to provide affordable coverage)?

4.  If required to report, have you determined your Offer of Coverage code based on your health insurance plan(s) compliance with Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and Affordability?

5.  If required to report, have you determined your Safe Harbor Code filing method as relates to your Employer Shared Responsibility?

If you have determined that you are required to file and you were able to answer to the questions above, the next step is to determine if you want to file your own ACA reports or do you want to work with a professional like Time & Pay to help you file.

Specific data collection requirements will be necessary for the completion of the 1094/95 ACA tax documents.  If you are interested in working with Time & Pay to meet your ACA compliance requirements, we are going to ask you to complete our ACA Questionnaire so that we can understand what level of ACA service(s) you would like us to perform.  Utilize this ACA Questionnaire and complete all questions to help you and us meet your ACA reporting requirements. Someone from our ACA team will contact you  upon your completion and submittal of the form.