Paperless Payrolls – Save Money & Time… and a Tree!

One of the advantages of the technologies we all use is the elimination of paper, and the associated savings. On-line data bases, on-line newspapers and magazines, e books, the time and paper saving options are growing every day.  Payroll is no different.

Time & Pay can offer you completely paperless payroll options that will save you time and money and eliminate all the hassles of dealing with all that paper.

Right from the start of the process, we can provide you with automated timekeeping systems that eliminate the inefficiencies of time sheets or punch cards. Reporting hours worked for payroll processing is done all electronically eliminating faxes and the human error factor associated with keying in data off a printed sheet.

Once we process payroll, we can email all your payroll reports to you.  Or, even better, we can provide you with our secure portal  PayEntry  which you can use to access and manage all your payroll data, as well as employee information. With PayEntry, you generate all the management reports and maintain much of the HR data you need to help you manage your employees and your business.

All employees can be paid via direct deposit, either to their bank account or a pay card. Their pay stub is provided to them through Employee Self Service (ESS) portal where they can also view their payroll history, check their tax and benefit deductions, view their PTO accruals and receive their W-2. This frees up your administrative staff to focus on the business, not your employee payroll requests.

With this paperless payroll option, you eliminate all the costs and hassles associated with the delivery of your finished payroll and checks.

We make sure you maintain payroll tax compliance as we electronically submit all your payroll taxes as well as electronically file all your required state and federal payroll tax reports. In case you are concerned about payroll tax compliance, you can easily e-check with the IRS to make sure we are filing all your taxes in a timely manner. (Remember, Time & Pay guarantees compliance!)

We electronically submit new hire reports to make sure you comply with this requirement.

We make sure you comply with garnishment orders by electronically submitting garnishment payments.

We electronically submit worker’s comp payments while improving your cash flow and eliminating the need for year-end audits.

We electronically submit deferred savings plan payments along with defined contribution reports (including any company match) significantly simplifying that reporting process.

There is no doubt the advantages of the paperless options continue to grow. Time & Pay is more than ready to provide you with a completely paperless payroll process and all the associated advantages. Contact us today to learn more.  Save money, time and a tree!