Working with Allstate Benefits in a professional partnership, Time & Pay is pleased to announce the offering of voluntary supplemental benefits as part of their package of payroll and employer services.

“Many employers are not aware of the benefits of supplemental benefits”, said Graeme Urash of Allstate Benefits.  “They are one of the best ways for employers to offer their employees affordable health related benefits.” It is up to the employer if they want to cover the cost  or let employees cover these low cost benefits. In many cases, the benefit premium can be designated as pre-tax thus lowering the payroll tax liability for both the employer and the employee.

The Time & Pay plan includes Group Term Life, Group Cancer, Group Accident, and Group Critical Illness.  One of the best features of the Time & Pay plan is the “group” designation. Thus our small and medium size customers will receive the same underwriting considerations that larger companies receive. More importantly, the group designation specifies these plans will be “guaranteed issue”,  meaning that these policies will be issued without employees having to answer health related questions.

Allstate Benefits, formerly  Allstate Workplace Division, has been helping Benefits Managers all across the nation successfully accomplish their business objectives since 1956. They are proud to offer high quality voluntary supplemental insurance that can be easily measured during a time of need – an accident, a disabling injury, an illness or death. Allstate Workplace Division provides the right voluntary insurance products that can be customized with various levels of coverage. Allstate believes everyone should be able to access quality insurance from a company they trust. 

“We are very pleased to be working with Allstate, one of the largest providers of supplemental benefits, to offer a great package of benefits to our customers and their employees,”  said Steve Scheu of Time & Pay.  “We continue to work hard at offering our clients valuable products and services that cost effectively help them better manage their payroll, their employees and their business. We will be able to work with Allstate to streamline the management of these benefits making it easy for our customers to create a better working environment for their employees without the headaches. This relationship with Allstate fits right into our business service model.”

For further information, read our Benefits page.