Business owners are becoming more and more aware of the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare,  health plan that is soon to be fully implemented in 2014. This is particularly true for small business owners as more and more details of the Plan become transparent and they become aware of the plans associated costs and the increase in associated expenses.

We get questions all the time about how the law will affect payroll…. Are there any new reporting requirements?,  Are there new taxes?, etc ……. We will do our best to keep you posted on this blog as details of ObamaCare become known. Here are some links to previous articles   regarding new payroll taxes  and  other  other requirements of special interest .

We recently came across a time-line of requirements, issued by the US Chamber of Commerce, that have or will take place as ObamaCare is implemented. We thought it was pretty good at simply noting and defining those new regulations.  Click on this link to view this time line. We hope it helps.  Let us know if you have questions by using our chat box or email.