Time & Pay is pleased to announce a new automated timekeeping data collection capability. Now employees can clock in and out on the road using a variety of telephone options including smart phones. In addition, the system can provide GPS capability giving employers the capability of determining where their employees are clocking and even locking out the capability of clocking if the employee is not where they are supposed to be.

If an employer has more than 6 employees, they usually can realize an excellent return on investment utilizing an automated timekeeping system. Time & Pay’s SwipeTime offers employers the valuable ability to control and define their labor costs utilizing numerous types of data collection devices from web based clocks, finger print readers (to avoid buddy punching) and now telephony systems.  Employers can easily access their employee’s hours worked data any time and any where they can access our secure web site. Time & Pay’s ATA system gives managers the ability to better manage attendance habits such as tardies,  absences, PTO, etc.  in real time.

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