We’ve heard the numerous stories that only the “big boys”… The ADP’s…. are able to take care their of their clients and make sure your business is ready for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the related compliance requirements. We guess Time & Pay must be one of the “big boys”, because we are more than ready to make sure our clients are in compliance with current ACA regulations as they relate to payroll.

From timekeeping to payroll, our systems are ready to track and generate the information you need in the format you need to report that information in in order to verify to the IRS where your business fits in regarding the FTE requirements.  Whether you are above the 50 FTE number or below it, whether you have full time  or part time employees, our systems will easily generate that information you need for reporting requirements.

We are ready to  produce W-2’s with the information you need to report to the IRS regarding the value of your employer provided health insurance.

Time & Pay’s payroll systems are ready to take into account any high wage earners income and the additional Medicare tax that they will be subject to once they exceed the $200-250K threshold (depending on their marital status).

(While many of the taxes associated with ObamaCare are not payroll related, if you want to learn more about all those taxes, visit this site.)

Bottom line, Time & Pay is ready to make sure your business complies with the payroll related statutes associated with the ACA. Contact us today if you need help in making sure your company is compliant.