Time & Pay is excited to announce a new smart phone app for our SwipeTime Automated Time and Attendance system.  This new app gives employees the capability of clocking in and out, change department/location/job, view pay period current hours worked and view time-off balances. Supervisors can view employees currently clocked in or with the day off (time-off requests). There will be many more employee and supervisor features to come!

Keep in mind that the Dept off Labor continues to expand the number of wage and hour audits of businesses. While it used to be the DOL would wait for an employee complaint of possible FLSA violation, the DOL is now proactively auditing businesses for labor law violations in an effort to curtail wage and hour abuse. The fact is the DOL is implementing more lawsuits on the misclassification of salaried versus hourly employees than all other labor lawsuits combined.

This new feature makes it even easier and more affordable to implement an ATA system for your operation, ensure you are compliant with labor laws while realizing the savings and management capabilities automated timekeeping can bring to your business. Remember, if some of your employees do not have a smart phone, we also offer other telephony options. Contact Us or call us today at 423-854-9042 to learn more.


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