Employers need to be very aware of the integrity of their employees and new hires as well as the safety of the work place.  Many employers utilize drug testing to make sure they have an effective, reliable, safety conscious staff. Recently, a customer asked us if they could utilize over-the-counter drug testing to test their employees or job applicants for drug use.

The answer is yes, but there could be some unwanted consequences. Verifying with our professional partners at SESCO, we confirmed that in order to take adverse action against a new hire or an employee based on test results, the process requires a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to validate the test results.  All reputable labs and occupational health groups have MRO’s on staff.  So unless your company has an MRO on staff, while you are free to utilize  OTC testing, any actions you take as a result of those non-reviewed tests will not hold up should the individual challenge them through the Dept. of Labor or the court system. Thus the employer could be held liable.


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