Needless to say, payroll involves a lot of sensitive data. Name, Address, Social Security Number, Bank Acct Numbers, just to name a few of the sensitive items. Time & Pay takes the responsibility of maintaining the security of that data very seriously. This is why we are pleased to announce the implementation of new and improved security access to our web based services. In mid-March, we will implement a 2 factor log-in process for PayEntry access.

You may have recently heard of a local company that experienced a security breach of their on-line payroll data.  This breach resulted in serious compromise and abuse of employee data.  While it may have appeared the breach was due to a flaw in the payroll software, in actuality, it was a result of user error. The employee’s computer was hacked by key logger Malware that allowed criminal elements to track all the keystrokes that individual made on their computer. Because this person had administrative access to comprehensive payroll data, the criminals were also able to obtain access to the company’s employee data. The results were catastrophic. It may takes a year or two for some employees to recover from the personal damage realized. We have read about other payroll data that has been compromised throughout the country using this type of key logging Malware .

While it may appear that breaches of payroll data are a result of poor security in the system, most quality payroll software systems offer excellent security. Superior encryption, firewalls, limited access are just a few of the security features quality payroll providers utilize. Time & Pay is no exception. But we also utilize additional security steps.  First, at Time & Pay, all secure access is done via a password system that eliminates keying-in of all passwords. Our systems do not allow our employees to key in any passwords to software.

Second, we are about to introduce a 2 factor log-in to our systems that will require those accessing the payroll system to verify and confirm through a secondary communication device their intent to log into the payroll system.  Without this confirmation, and verification, access will be denied.

In many cases, it is user carelessness…. going to web sites that should not be entered, opening emails or attachments that should not be opened…., that results in security breaches. Viruses/Malware can be hard to avoid as there are criminal elements all over the world that want access to your personal information. While we understand this additional security step will require a little more time to gain access to your payroll data on our systems, we believe that the added security is essential to keeping your data secure and confidential in today’s e-media environment. At Time & Pay, we believe that maintaining that high level of security is a key component to providing the type of quality services our customers demand and deserve.


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