After 25 years owning and operating a Payroll Service Bureau we have seen many tons of paper consumed. Yes, we are responsible for many trees disappearing from our landscapes. Paychecks, supporting payroll documentation, time sheets, time cards, accounting ledgers and countless other payroll administration processes traditionally have required endless amounts of paper being utilized and then stored for compliance purposes. Time & Pay’s “paperless” payroll solution can drastically reduce or totally eliminate paper consumption and with it costs of doing business. Implementation of simple technology enables employers to pay their employees through direct deposit, provide secure employee access to pay-stubs, benefits, paid-time-off, W-2’s and other personal information. General Ledger imports can eliminate the need to plow through payroll documents to extract accounting entries and our Secure Document Delivery email system provides efficient and secure means to transfer PDF reporting. Time & Pay provides free and secure storage of all payroll related documentation for compliance including Federal and State returns (941, 940, W-2, Unemployment, Withholding, New Hire, etc.). Click “paperless” for more information or Call us Today to learn how our payroll administrative solutions and Employee Self-service options can reduce your business expenses