Benefits Management:
An Integral Part of the Payroll & HR Function

Let Time & Pay manage your employee benefits and premium payments!

Employee Benefits and their management is a task employers face every day. What benefit plans are available for your employees and what benefits do you need to offer simply to take care of their needs? What benefits does your company need to offer to attract and keep qualified employees? There are innumerable choices to meet a myriad of challenges from a large number of vendors. How do you know which plan is the best for everybody involved?

In order to attract and retain innovative, dedicated workers, an employee benefits program is a necessity. Managing your employee benefits is an important part of any payroll and Human Resource  function. Just as important, successfully managing and controlling the ever-increasing costs of employee benefits can provide a competitive edge for your company. Creating and running a truly effective employee benefits program, though, is a task few companies are equipped to handle themselves. Let us help!

As part of our payroll servicesTime & Pay will work with you every day to make sure your benefit plans are being processed correctly and accurately coordinated with payroll. We make sure before and after tax plans are precisely differentiated. We provide the tools necessary to manage your benefit plans such as reconciling monthly plan contributions and payables while generating payments to benefit plan providers to ensure continuation.

We have also established a network of benefit providers who will work closely with you to make sure you are getting the products and services you need to cost effectively manage this very important aspect of your business. Are you taking advantage of all the before tax deductions you could be by using 125 plans? If you think you are, are you sure those 125 plans are being administered according to the regulations required to qualify as a tax exempt plan? Are your benefit plans giving you the best bang for your dollar or could you do better? Are you getting the customer service you deserve to ensure you are offering the best plans available for your employees?

You have many options. Our objective is to relieve you of the burdens of administering your benefit plans so you can focus on your business success. We have established a network of experienced providers who will offer you the greatest value that will ensure you and your employees are getting the best, most cost effective benefit packages available. Like all that we have to offer, our objective is to provide you with systems and services that will efficiently and cost effectively meet all your payroll and HR needs. With many years of experience dealing with payroll and related benefits packages, Time & Pay provides the administrative help you need.

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