Use our On Line Chat service below, visit our Contact Us page or give us a call at 757-240-2766. We’ll be glad to discuss your situation, give you the opportunity to learn more about our payroll services, and give us the opportunity to understand your business needs. You can then judge for yourself if your business can benefit from all we have to offer.  You, too, can join our long list of satisfied customers and start saving money, time and aggravation today!

Whether you are looking for payroll, automated time and attendance or HR management systems, as part of our services, Time & Pay will provide you with the systems you need to have direct, on-site access to all your payroll and employee data. You can easily access employee payroll data, monitor “real-time” timekeeping information and maintain all your important HR information. We can provide for completely paperless payrolls and Employee Self Service. You can generate numerous related reports whenever you need them. Time & Pay can accommodate all your payroll situations. We provide all this very cost effectively without burdening your business with the high cost of purchasing and maintaining additional software and systems.

Time & Pay is proud to report that in 2012 we paid over $80 million in payroll taxes to Federal and State depositories and paid less than $275 in tax penalties.

At Time & Pay, we consider it one of our primary responsibilities to make sure you comply with all tax filing rules and regulations. Whether we file your taxes electronically or use other methods, our payroll services will make sure your taxes are filed accurately and on time. Guaranteed! At the end of the quarter/year, we’ll do all your required tax reports including your W-2’s! We keep up with the complex, ever-changing federal and state regulations regarding important areas such as timely tax filing, new hire reporting, garnishments, the tax consequences of benefits, etc. so you don’t have to.

Considering paying your employees via direct deposit is a smart move. Direct deposit can save your company money by reducing banking charges and eliminating the costs associated with distributing paychecks on time. Time & Pay’s  payroll services can provide all your employees’ direct deposit services to multiple accounts at multiple banks. We can even offer a direct deposit Pay Card option for those employees who do not have bank accounts allowing you to make direct deposit your company’s standard pay policy.

On average, over 7 million businesses receive IRS penalty notices related to payroll resulting in over an estimated $7.5 billion in assessed penalties. Did you also know that the average interest rate charged by the IRS for late filings is 12% annually? That the average penalty can amount to 2.5 times the cost of the original tax indebtedness? Most business owners will simply pay those IRS notices rather than deal with the agency. Yet we have found that a good percentage of those notices will be incorrect. It is the IRS that is in error. Which means that the business owner is sending in funds to the IRS that they may not really owe! If you choose to question the IRS notice, you and your staff will spend a lot of your valuable time digging into the matter.

With Time & Pay payroll services, you will not have to deal with another tax notice again! Once we receive a copy of the notice, we take it from there and work with the IRS to find the solution to the problem. We will also pay any interest or penalty due if it is a result of errors on our part. Guaranteed!

We remind you that once you are a customer, Time & Pay guarantees payroll tax compliance. You won’t have to deal with a payroll tax penalty again.

If you choose to use our payroll services, often times we can work directly with the IRS to  reduce or, in certain situations, even eliminate your past IRS penalty. Of course, every situation is different and the IRS has strict rules on when and how payroll taxes should be filed. If you decide to work with us, we will work diligently on your behalf with the IRS to research and resolve your payroll tax penalty situation as effectively as possible. If you currently have a payroll tax penalty notice, and you are not a customer, contact us to see if can help solve your problem. You may be very surprised!

Keep in mind 2 important facts. First, processing payroll does not generate any income for your company. Unlike servicing your customers, collecting receivables or working on marketing, processing payroll is an overhead expense with no return on investment. Second, this expense is fixed whether you have 10, 20 or 100 employees. Outsourcing your payroll will change the fixed cost of doing payroll in-house to a lower, variable cost based on the number of employees you have working for you. Outsourcing will also free up your valuable staff to work on income generating tasks. Business consultants agree universally that you are better off letting your staff focus on your core business in order to generate income, and cost effectively outsourcing payroll and related functions not pertaining to that core business and income generation. It will save your business money, time and aggravation.

At Time & Pay, we understand your concern. Many of our customers felt this way until they realized that with our emphasis on customer service and superior software systems, with all the information we provide you before, during and after we process your payroll, you will find you actually have more command over your payroll and labor costs You’ll find that our outsourced payroll solution will provide you with tools you need to have more control over this important aspect of your business without all the liability, expense, time, effort and hassles!

All kinds and all sizes! Manufacturers, Healthcare Facilities, Service Companies, Hotels and Restaurants, Construction Companies, Retailers, Trucking Companies, Distribution and Supply Companies, just to name a few! We work with sole proprietorship, LLC’s and corporations. We do understand that each individual business will have unique needs. We will work with you to understand those needs and make sure you are getting the most out of the payroll services we provide.

Time & Pay’s automated time and attendance system can track attendance information and reported tips to help ensure your wait staff is reporting the tips correctly and management is reporting tips according to payroll regulations. At the same time, the ATA the systems can track movement from department to department and easily accommodate variable pay by department, a common restaurant payroll scenario. At the end of the year, our payroll services will provide accurate tip credit reporting.

Whether you need help with your payroll, timekeeping or both, Time & Pay can provide you with the services you need. We service all types of businesses with one to hundreds of employees, businesses with just payroll needs, businesses with just timekeeping needs, businesses with only hourly employees or only salary employees, businesses with all kinds of employee earning and deduction situations. You name it, at Time & Pay we consider it all just part of the diverse payroll scenarios we work with every day. We provide many valuable services for businesses just like yours. For more details, visit our Automated Time and Attendance page.

If you are currently trying to track labor cost manually without the use  of  automated time and attendance, you need to give us a call at. 757-240-2766. Time & Pay’s job tracking system, a standard part of our automated time and attendance system, will eliminate all that paperwork both you and your employees are having to go through to track your labor costs. With multiple methods for time data collection, including GPS capability,  we can track your labor movement from job to job and/or function to function and provide you with numerous detailed job costing/labor distribution reports. With much less effort and cost, you and your staff will get more work done and have much more accurate hours worked data. For more information visit Automated Time and Attendance. 

This is a common situation. Our payroll system is capable of creating a General Ledger file that will easily import all your payroll data into your General Ledger with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Yes! Our Pay-As-You-Go service significantly improves your cash flow as it relates to worker’s comp cost and simplifies your premium administration.  We’ll assist you in many areas regarding worker’s comp from helping you get worker’s comp quotes from a qualified agents to helping you reduce your down and year-end audit payments. For more details, visit Workers Comp.

Time & Pay is a locally owned, full service payroll provider that offers sound, cost effective payroll servicesautomated time and attendance, HR Management and related solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. We provide payroll to thousands of employees throughout the Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina as well as 35+ other states. We have sales offices in Knoxville and Chattanooga TN and an affiliate office in Newport News VA.

Because we are a locally owned business, we can offer more personal and accessible customer service. The flexibility of our products along with our emphasis on customer service allows us to customize to  meet very diverse business needs while providing quick, confidential, accurate and money saving performance.

It is also important to note that we are also part of a group of large independent payroll service providers who use the Millennium processing platform and service 10’s of thousands of businesses nationwide.

One of the great aspects of our services is the cost depends on the number of employees you have, how often you pay, and the types of services you need. It is not a fixed amount (like an in-house employee) or based on percentage of gross payroll. We will not/do not want to quote you a low fee, find out you need our help in related areas and mislead you with that initial “low-ball” quote. To give you an idea, however, if you pay 20 employees weekly and wish full payroll service processing, payroll checks, management reports, and required tax reporting, our fees will be around $2.50 to $3.00 per employee per pay period. Experience tells us that is a lot less than what it is currently costing you! The common response to our fee structure is surprise at how inexpensive we are, and how much value our very cost effective payroll services provide.

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