Income Verification

Have you ever had to verify income for one of your employees? If they have asked for credit, bought a house or sought financial assistance, chances are you’ve spent valuable time providing confirmation of the income information the employee provided the creditor. This can be a very time consuming task. You must:

  • Verify the identity of the person requesting the verification.
  • Confirm that person has permission to make the request.
  • Make sure you utilize proper procedures and forms.
  • Be absolutely sure the information you are providing is accurate.
  • Respond within a certain timeline.

Time & Pay,  in partnership with Trulify™, offers Income Verification services that automates the whole process, eliminates the work and risk, and makes sure your employee’s requirements are met on a timely basis. The service is a web-based solution that provides the creditor the information they need to verify income in a secure, safe manner. Best of all, it is a FREE service for our customers, and there is no set-up required.

Employers are contacted every day by lenders, landlords, government agencies and other interested parties with requests to verify employment and income data for their employees. You are required by law to comply with such requests in a timely manner. This free service, offered through Time & Pay’s PayEntry, allows you to stay compliant while saving valuable time and resources. No more manual searching for and compiling sensitive information and transmitting sensitive data over unsafe channels of communication. Trulify™ ensures verifications are secure and released only to authorized verifiers after receiving your employees’ permission.

For more information on the service, please watch this short video here.

Your employees, as consumers, are counting on you to respond within their time line to their requests for income verification. You want to do your best to make sure you can satisfy their requests. Don’t be caught in a crunch trying to meet their needs in a safe and timely manner. Ask us about our Income Verification system and how it can benefit you.

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