Let Time & Pay handle all the details!

Payroll is so much more than producing paychecks. It can be a daunting, time consuming task. However, the payroll process can provide you with valuable information that will help you better manage your employees and your business. Get the most out of your payroll while giving full attention to your business and your customers by leaving the time-consuming, regulatory burdensome, administrative payroll details to Time & Pay.

With our payroll services, you can:

  • Electronically track all hourly employees time at work with our ATA system, or
  • Utilize our on-line systems to maintain employee data and record hours worked, or
  • At your convenience, communicate payroll hours and payroll changes to us via secure channels

Each Pay Period: To significantly reduce your payroll period work and provide you with valuable management information, Time & Pay will:

  • Provide payroll preview (if needed- allows for last minute changes).
  • Finalize the payroll process to your specifications.paper-pile
  • Provide paychecks ready to hand out, pay stubs for those on direct deposit, or a paperless e-based option.
  • Submit all payroll taxes making sure you are in compliance with the latest payroll tax regulations.
  • Process direct deposits into multiple accounts if desired, even paycards
  • Report new hires to state(s) to ensure compliance.
  • Provide numerous payroll management reports as specified, customized to meet your needs.
  • Provide check and/or direct deposit register.
  • Provide labor distribution reports to define and control labor cost.
  • Provide payroll summary and tax liability reports to clearly define complete payroll costs.
  • Provide payroll Employee benefit/deduction(s) reports for easy management.
  • Provide Employee benefit/accrual reports to keep track of PTO balances, used and earned.
  • Process and make all Garnishment payments to eliminate liability.
  • Work with you to maintain ACA required employee benefit information.
  • Provide a General Ledger interface for easy entry of payroll data into your accounting system.
  • Provide Worker’s Comp details and process premium payments. Process your Pay-As-You-Go WC premium.
  • Process Employee Benefit payments. Manage your voluntary benefits.
  • Calculate all deferred compensation contributions and submit payments to administrators.

Each Quarter: To eliminate all your end of quarter work and guarantee payroll tax compliance, Time & Pay will:

  • Verify, balance all payroll records.
  • Prepare and file Federal 941 quarterly return.
  • Prepare and file Federal unemployment payments.
  • Prepare and file State withholding return(s)
  • Prepare and file state unemployment return.
  • Maintain required record retention of tax reports.

Annually: To eliminate all your end of year work and guarantee payroll tax compliance, Time & Pay will:

  • Provide employee W-2’s.
  • Provide contract worker 1099’s.
  • Provide W-3 recap.
  • Prepare and file 940 Federal return.
  • File ACA ALE required 1095-94
  • Prepare and file State withholding return(s)
  • Perform Worker’s Comp audit.
  • Maintain required record retention of tax reports.

Time & Pay provides you with cost effective systems and services you need to better manage your employees and your business while eliminating all the tedious work involved.

Learn more about payroll services. Eliminate all those payroll details so you can concentrate on your business. Contact Us or call today at 757-240-2766.