Here’s why you want to work with Time & Pay’s e-based Automated Time and Attendance system

There are lots of choices available for electronically tracking your hourly employees time at work. From inexpensive “time in a box” to full blown systems that will track everything you can think of with high dollar data collection devices,  you can literally spend hundreds or ten’s of thousands of dollars to implement your automated time and attendance (ATA) system.  Time & Pay’s web based system combines the extensive functionality of high cost systems with the low start up costs of simple systems. You can utilize any of the features you want, customizing the system to meet your needs.

Here are some the features of our ATA system:

  • Implementation is easy whether you have 1 or 100 offices, one location or multiple locations, 1 supervisor managing hours worked or 100’s.
  • System is a full-featured time and attendance system. There are no modules to add on, no versions to upgrade to.
  • Employee Self-Service.
  • System is robust and flexible to account for any employee timekeeping parameter. It provides for:
    • Labor Movement
    • Shiftsclock
    • Scheduling
    • Job costing
    • Employee Request for Time Off
    • Archiving of history
    • Absences
    • Tardies
    • Approaching OT
    • And much more.
  • ATA system accommodates numerous time clock/data collection devices including:
    • Card swipe
    • PC
    • Phone
    • Biometric
  • While access is available anywhere a person can get on the web, the system’s sophisticated security measures define user access on multiple levels.
  • System uses the latest data management capabilities as well as sophisticated encryption. All the time!
  • System interfaces with many payroll and HR packages.
  • System easily generates ACA compliant reports.
  • The system’s applications and extensive reporting capabilities are easy to learn and use.
  • There is no costly network software or system to set up and maintain. Our ATA system is easily expandable to any location or part of your organization with no additional cost.
  • There are no annual maintenance fees. There are no upgrades to purchase. You always use the latest version of the ATA software. Every time!
  • Very low initial investment! Very quick ROI! Extremely easy to get started. It will save your business money!
  • This time and attendance system will be the last ATA system you ever have to invest in!

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View a short video on the cost benefits of our ATA system


See this Automated time and attendance demo  to see how effective and easy our ATA system is to use.

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