Save Money and Time with our Pay-As-You-Go Worker’s Comp Plans!

Pay-As-You-Go workers comp is a growing trend in the workers comp industry for simplifying and streamlining the accurate payment of your workers comp premiums while improving your business’s cash flow. However, in order for the program to work for you, you must work with a qualified payroll service provider like Time & Pay.

Time & Pay has 2 “pay as you go” systems in place to help you control and define your worker’s comp cost and save you money and time on administrative costs.

1. Our integrated Pay-As-You-Go Workers Comp programs work directly with our payroll services and worker’s comp carriers to:

  • ELIMINATE YOUR DOWN PAYMENT (which is usually a significant@ 15 to 25%)!
  • Eliminate monthly invoices and checks to write!
  • Accurately calculate your premium costs on a per payroll period basis!
  • Eliminate the need for a year-end audit!
  • Improve cash flow!
  • Provide you with very competitive premium rates.

We work with a number of Workers Comp carriers to offer pay-as-you-go service.

2. We also work with your carrier to provide much of the same services listed above except for the elimination of the down payment. As we process your payroll, we’ll administer your workers comp premiums for you and handle all year-end audits.

Why pay more? Free up cash and free up your valuable time to concentrate on your business by letting us administer your Worker’s Comp. Contact Us or call 423-854-9042 today and we will get you a direct quote from one of our Pay-As-You-Go partners.

You can also contact one of our partners, The Hartford, by following the link below……